Basic Life Support Education

When it comes to health care there are certain basic steps that are routinely followed, but it’s all too easy to forget or overlook these important steps which can cause great harm to our patients later. So instead of ignoring the basics, we urge medical professionals like you to visit our basic life support education courses. These courses will train and refresh you on your knowledge of the basics so that your patients have the peace of mind that they deserve. Call us today.

Manikin Based Learning Stations

For many learning medical professionals, hands-on experience is simply the best way to learn. But instead of forcing yourself to learn with the stress of a live sample, why not visit our educational services building and request time and tutelage at our manikin-based learning stations. These stations are key to providing you with hands-on experience in a calmer pace so that your lessons will become a part of your skillset quicker and easier. To learn more about how this can help, call us today.

Simulated Clinical Scenarios

Many first-year medical professionals quickly learn that all the theories and reading can’t fully prepare you for actual medical emergencies and procedures. For that reason, many professionals have come to us and participated in our simulated clinical scenario learning systems. These systems will place you in simulated scenarios that will call on you to use your knowledge, tools, and skills to solve problems that you will likely face in the real workforce. To learn more, call today.

Practice BLS (Basic Life Saving Skills)

When there is a sudden emergency and paramedics have still not arrived on the scene, don’t you want to be able to save a life? That’s why many persons like you have come to us for practice in providing basic life-saving skills. The medical education you receive will teach you the basics of keeping a patient safe and alive until paramedics can arrive on the scene. Skills such as CPR, providing basic first responder care, and how to diagnose and treat simple problems can be yours starting with your first class. Call today to learn more.

Practice CPR

When an accident prevents someone from breathing normally, they may have only moments to spare before their brain functions start to get affected. So don’t you want to be able to save lives while waiting for paramedics to arrive? That’s why many Good-Samaritans like you have come to visit our medical education facility for practice and training in CPR. This life-saving technique will give a patient a stronger chance for full recovery from even the worst cardiac arrests. Call today to learn more.

CPR & First Aid Certification Classes

Are you interested in being able to save lives? Do you want practical first aid and CPR training and certification so you can enter the medical industry? Then today's the day to take part in our CPR & First Aid Certification Classes. With our help, you'll learn the best steps to providing first aid or CPR during an actual emergency. When accidents and injuries happen and seconds spell the difference between life and death, you could be on your way to being someone's savior. To learn more, give us a call.

Dining Assistance Classes

If you have ever seen someone choking on a meal in public, you may have been wondering how you could help save a life. Because when someone is choking, seconds matter, and unless someone helps then it could lead to long-lasting difficulties. That's why we are proud to offer a dining assistance class. Our instructors help private individuals and medical personnel alike what they can do to save lives in the case of a dining-related accident. You'll learn how to diagnose and quickly provide assistance to a diner in need. To learn more, call us today.

Nursing Delegation

With more patients arriving in health care facilities every day, it can feel impossible to meet all the needs of all of your patients. But with nursing delegation, you can divide your work smartly so that you save every nurse time and frustration and provide better aid to your patients. But to find out the best ways to delegate your tasks, you should give us a call. Our team works with our clients to offer them the best models for delegations that meet hospital policies, meet patient needs and expectations, and provides the best results. To learn more, give us a call today.

Renew Classes For 1, 2 and 3 Certifications

Are your certifications close to expiring? Do you want to ensure that your skills are up to par for your renewing tests? Then you need to visit our center for our Renew Classes For 1, 2 and 3 Certifications. We provide medical professionals with the training they need to refresh their skills, hone their talents, and provide the best chances at a successful renewal. With our help and the training from licensed and experienced medical professionals, your renewal class will give you everything you need. Call today to learn more.

DODD Medication Classes

If you are interested in working with the DODD or want to enter the field, then you need to master DODD Medication principles. That's why our center is proud to offer DODD Medication Classes that are designed for experienced medical professionals and rookies alike. With our help, you'll learn everything you need to know about providing medication to your patients while following all DODD requirements. To learn more, give us a call today.

STNA Assistance Classes

Are you interested in working as an STNA? Do you need training and instruction to meet your certification requirements? Then our center is here to help with our STNA Assistance Classes. These courses are taught by experienced medical professionals who understand what STNA hopefuls need and will give you the guidance you need to master your skills and pass your certifications. Best of all, we keep our class sizes small enough that you can receive the individual time you need to better your skills. To learn more, call us today.