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Welcome to the online home of Ohio Indiana Certifications LLC, the medical education facility that trains tomorrow’s healthcare experts. We use a variety of teaching methods, classes, and training methods to help prepare health care professionals for the difficulties that come with the field. We provide a solid groundwork for skill, learning, and practice that will help ensure the safety and recovery of your patients. Many of our students have reported that our training gives them the confidence they need to give their patients the full attention and care that they deserve and need. Please explore the website you have discovered as it lists and describes the many services, training tools, and courses that we offer. These services are designed for healthcare professionals from all levels, from learning med school students to the most seasoned professionals, because we believe that learning never ends and that we can always do our jobs better for our patients. Please call or use our online contact form with any questions.

License No. 8I11571


  • Basic Life Support Education
  • Manikin Based Learning Stations
  • Simulated Clinical Scenarios
  • Practice BLS (Basic Life Saving Skills)
  • Practice CPR
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Address: 813 E. Main St Greenville Ohio 45331

Phone: (937) 875-7085